Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Current Events Articles for 9/26


We will be discussing ideology, parties, and elections in October. Obviously the TEA Party is going to have an impact on these mid-term elections. This article discusses the impact of the TEA Party on the Delaware primary election to fill Joe Biden's vacant seat in the Senate.

New York Times

This article is a year old, but students find it interesting to see the conflict in a federal system. I bet you never thought of football players as employees protected by state law.......

The Boston Globe

This "article" is very short. I want you to know all of these questions. More importantly, I want you to think about how they might be examples of federalism.

The New Republic

This article if from The New Republic. This is a very liberal magazine. However, it is a good overview of the past two years and addresses the question of polling, which is a topic we are discussing soon.