Sunday, March 20, 2011

Obama's Deal

Here is the link to "Obama's Deal" the video we watched in class on Friday and Monday (March 18, 21). Here are the questions about the video:

Directions: Answer the following questions on a piece of lined paper. Be sure to use supporting details from the film and thoughtful analysis in your response.

1. Describe the Obama administration’s strategy for holding the May 2009 health care reform meeting with the President and all interested parties. Based on lessons learned in the past, what was the administration trying to accomplish?

2. Karen Ignagni and the heath insurance lobby wanted the final health care reform bill to require everyone to buy health insurance and not include a public option. What does Ignagni’s role indicate about the role of lobbyists in the legislative process? Do you think their work helps or hurts the process? Why?

3. In what ways were the demands of the health insurance lobby in opposition to the health care reforms candidate Obama proposed during the 2008 campaign? Why do you think President Obama agreed to the requests from the lobbying groups? Do you think this type of political compromise is in the best interest of Americans? Explain.

4. What were some of the reasons why many in the Obama administration felt Senator Max Baucus was the least likely person to bring comprehensive health care reform?

5. Why were health care reform activists like Dr. Margaret Flowers angry with Sen. Baucus during the committee hearings?

6. Do you feel the legislative process works reflects the wishes and desires of the American people? If so, how? If not, how would you change the system to reflect the will of the people effectively?