Sunday, August 14, 2011

Current Events #5

Economist Wolves Article

An article about wolves in Idaho might seem like a bit of a non-sequitor. However, we will watch a film about federalism early in the school year and the release of wolves in Idaho is a topic covered in that film. Please look for the role that the federal and state governments have played in this debate.

The Economist British Riots

The Economist is a British newspaper (magazine) so I decided to use their coverage of the British riots to give you some background on this issue.

The Economist Debt Article

Here is an article that summarizes what happened with the debt deal as well as the economic and political implications.

Washington Post Straw Poll Article

Here is some background on the Iowa Straw Poll and the impact is has on the presidential race

Boston Globe Straw Poll Results

Now that you read the background information on the Straw Poll, here is the impact it had on the Republican presidential nomination

Boston Globe Presidential Announcement

The Republicans have yet another candidate and this one might shake up the race.

Reuters Health Care Ruling Article

Finally, there is yet another ruling on the healthcare law.